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Quality Dormer Lofts in Cheam, Sutton and surrounding areas

Here at Sky Build, we have been designing and fitting loft conversions in homes around Surrey for more than two decades and are well respected as local experts in the trade. We know that one of the key considerations for any loft conversion project is the type of conversion you want to undertake.
This determines the overall shape and style of your new loft room, determining how much headroom and natural light it will receive as well as how much work it will take to complete the project. Trading since 2003, we have the skills, tools, and expertise to perform any kind of loft conversion for our valued clients.

Dormer Lofts

A dormer loft is the most common type of loft conversion and involves building a box-shaped structure that protrudes through the sloped roof of your property. This dormer effectively raises the height of the ceiling, giving your loft much-needed headroom and a more classic internal shape.

L-Shaped Lofts

An L-shaped loft is really just two dormer lofts joined together, one over the rear of the roof and the other across the main part of the roof. This gives your attic room much more space than a single dormer and, when viewed from above, has a distinct L-shape, from which it gets its name.

Mansard Lofts

A Mansard loft is broadly the same as a dormer loft, but with one key difference. The front-facing wall of a Mansard loft leans in towards the roof at an angle of 72 degrees. This makes it appear softer and less intrusive from the outside while sacrificing a little headroom on the inside.

Why Choose Sky Build?

There are many reasons to choose us for all types of loft conversions in Cheam, Sutton, and beyond.
We use only the finest materials, sourced with care from trusted suppliers that we have worked with for years.
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Our team of professional builders has the skills and experience to tackle any type of loft conversion, creating a beautiful and versatile attic space that meets your specific needs.
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Any tasks that require specialist expertise are performed by local people in the trade that we know share our commitment to quality workmanship.
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You can rest easy knowing all loft conversion work is fully insured and covered by a no-fuss guarantee.

All Types of Loft Conversions Installed in Cheam and Sutton

From our office in Cheam, we cover a 5-mile radius, taking in the local Surrey area, including neighbouring Sutton and further afield. Because we work in a specific part of the county, we know the area well. This means we are always on-hand for initial consultations or to answer any queries for you. It also means you can expect our crew to be on time, every time. For more information, visit our:

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For all different types of loft conversions in Cheam, Sutton, and across Surrey, contact Sky Build today. Call us or send an email to get a free, no-obligation quote for our services.
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